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New Installations

For new construction, Safety Fire Sprinkler offers the finest turn-key solutions available. We offer full-service sprinkler systems from design to drawings, engineering to installation. Not only will we design your system, we will also pull permits and file your plans with the NY Department of Buildings (DOB) to ensure compliance with building codes for prompt occupancy.

Safety Fire Sprinkler is a proud member of the AFSA, NYFSCA, NFSA and NFPA and is setting the standard for fire protection in the New York City area for safe, reliable fire protection solutions. No job is too large or too small - our experienced sprinkler system team has worked on all kinds of projects from modest single-family homes to massive commercial buildings.

Sprinkler systems save lives and Safety Fire Sprinkler proudly assures the safety of buildings throughout the five boroughs of New York City. As a licensed, insured industry veteran of nearly two decades, Safety Fire is the safe choice. Our new construction experience includes wet systems, dry systems and standpipes.

New construction is just the beginning. After we design and install your new sprinkler system, we also offer ongoing maintenance, testing and repair service and related supplies and parts.

Our long list of satisfied customers includes leading developers, contractors and management firms. Join these professionals today in partnering with Safety Fire Sprinkler for the finest new construction fire safety system possible.

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